Step 2: Add World Information

This is Part 2 of our tutorial, Build Your First World on Agora. To read our introduction, click here, and to return to Part 1, click here!

Add World Information

In the first step of the building process, you chose your world template - the Agora Gallery. In the second step, you will be adding a Title, Description, Tags, and unique event code for your world.


Event Code: Your room code is the unique code visitors will type in order to join your experience. Your room code should mean something to your experience - for example, your brand name or event title.

  • Currently, you must have an Agora subscription to create a custom room code, so keep yours as-is.

Name: Here, you can enter a title for your experience that is meaningful, memorable, and related to what you built and why you built it. For this exercise, enter:

  • Sunny Side Collections Art Gallery

Description: Here, you can add an enticing description telling visitors what your space is for:

  • Welcome to the Sunny Side Collections Art Gallery! Join this experience to browse our featured work, socialize with other visitors, and find your new favorite home decor. We can't wait to see you there!

Tags: Add comma-separated tags with phrases describing your space to help users discover it.

  • Art, Art Gallery, Paintings, Purchase, E-Commerce, Artwork

Instancing: Instancing allows multiple rooms of your world to be open at once to avoid overcrowding if the first room fills up. Our current limit is 40 concurrent visitors in a room.

  • Turn Instancing to On - who knows how many people will show up to your Art Gallery?!


Once you are finished, click the "Next" button in the app to move to the next step.


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