Step 3: Customize Your World

This is Part 3 of our tutorial, Build Your First World on Agora. To start from the beginning, click here!


To complete this step, please download this ZIP file. It contains assets that we will be using to customize our world in this tutorial. Once you download the ZIP file, double click it to release the folder "Sunny Side Collections Assets".

Customize Your World

Now comes the fun part - building your world. Make sure you are on the third part of the building process, titled 3) Customize.

On the left side of the page, you will see a map of your selected world, along with numbered boxes. Each of those boxes represent a media slot in the world, and coincide with a row in the scrolling bar on the right side of the page.


In the Agora Gallery template, there are 32 media slots lined throughout the inside of the gallery building (1), with two additional clusters at the entrances to the gallery (2 and 3).


We are going to place company branding and key information at the central entrance to the gallery, with art pieces lining the inside.

Adding Media to the Entrance

Slot 35: This slot is in the center of the entrance, the perfect place for Sunny Side's logo.

To edit it, follow these steps:

  1. Scroll down to Title 35 on the right, and click into it.
  2. Click the Add Image button and upload the image titled Slot35 from the Sunny Side Collections Assets folder you downloaded earlier.
  3. Change the title of the slot to "Sunny Side Collections".
Slot # Media Type Image Title Description Link
35 Image Slot35.png

Sunny Side Collections



Slots 40 and 41: These slots are to the left and right of the entrance, a high-attention spot where many visitors pass by. We will place a graphic in each of these slots encouraging visitors to click to follow Sunny Side on social media, along with a link to our Link Tree.

  • Click into Title 40, then Title 41.
  • Upload the image Slot40_41 to each of these slots, along with the following Title, Description and Link:
Slot #s Image Title Description Link
40, 41 Slot40_41.png

Follow Us On Social Media!

Click on this image to navigate to our LinkTree and follow our Social Media accounts. Never miss an update from our team!

Note: Make sure to add it to both Slot 40 and Slot 41. When it asks if you would like to overwrite the current file, either option (Yes or No) works!

Adding Media to the Gallery

Slot 0: Sunny Side's clientele primarily consists of people who are art novices. With this in mind, for the first slot in the gallery we will insert a video titled How To Appreciate Art.

To add a video in Agora you must link to a video service such as YouTube or Vimeo. Uploading MP4 video files directly to Agora is not currently supported.

Follow these steps:

  • Click into Title 0
  • Change the Media Type to "Video".
  • Upload the image Slot0
  • Then, copy and paste the Title, Description, and Link below:
Slot # Media Type Image Title Description Link
0 Video Slot0.jpg

How To Appreciate Art

Not so art-inclined? No need to worry! Watch this video for new perspectives on how to interpret the artwork in this gallery.


Slots 1-3: Now, we can insert the artwork! Insert images Slot1Slot2, and Slot3 into their respective slots along with the titles, descriptions, and links outlined below.

Two of the pieces will have links to purchase pages on Etsy, enabling Sunny Side's customers to purchase their work directly from the experience.


Slot # Media Type Image Title Description Link
1 Image



Cat With Red Fish, 1914

Originally painted by Henri Mattise. Click here to go to the purchase page for a canvas reproduction of this piece!

2 Image



Dogs Playing Poker, 1894

Originally painted by Cassius Marcellus Coolige. Click here to go to the purchase page for a hand-painted reproduction of this piece!

3 Image



Adulthood, 1907

Originally painted by Swedish painter Hilma Af Klint. Currently Out Of Stock!



Next Steps

Now that you are finished customizing it, your world is complete! Continue to the next article to learn how to Publish, Experience, Share, and Edit your world.

Next: Go to Final Steps - Publish and Experience


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