Introduction: Build Your First World

Agora World is a social experience platform whose No-Code World Builder tool empowers individuals and businesses to build custom immersive experiences for any use case. We offer a simple builder tool that lets users create a social, immersive world in minutes, as well as custom options such as uploaded worlds and mini-games.




With our simple builder tool, we have seen creators build:

  • Conference Centers
  • Art Galleries
  • Learning Centers
  • Job/Career Fairs
  • Research Expos
  • Company HQs
  • NFT Galleries
  • and much, much more.

Go to our Discover page to see examples of what has been built on Agora.



Follow along with this tutorial to build your first world on Agora World - a branded Art Gallery for Sunny Side Collections!


Just minutes from now when the world is done, it will look like this:


Continue on to build your first incredible world on Agora!


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