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Invalid Event Code


1) Double check that you have correctly input the provided event code (it is case-sensitive: capitalization matters!)

2) Try typing out the event code rather than copy+paste. Sometimes hidden HTML gets copied into your clipboard.

3) Inquire with the experience coordinator (they might have sent you the wrong code, or the experience might not have been created yet)


Download bar gets stuck partway and event never loads.

  1. From the post-login menu, click “My Events” then click the “Delete” button next to the event code you’re having trouble joining.
    • This will delete all local files associated with that event from your computer.
  2. Once that is done, go back, then “Join an Event” and try to join with the event code again. It should download and put you in the event without issue.
  3. Give it two minutes being stuck without trying to cancel out. It’s possible a large file is taking some time to download.


I join the experience but then get kicked back to the post-login menu.


This occurs when you disconnect from the real time event server.

  1. Check what other programs you have open. Close as many as you can, especially any that may take up network bandwidth. (For example, this issue is common when you have a separate voice/video chat program open like Google Meet or Zoom).
  2. Check your internet connection at If your download speed is less than 8mbps or upload is less than 5mbps you may have issues using Agora. (Technically low population rooms can run on less, but if in a room with 30+ people that is the minimum).
  3. Rejoin the event. If rejoining is having issues, restart the app then try to join the event again.

Other Notes:

This issue may occur intermittently when your network doesn’t respond for a few seconds. Usually rejoining the event or restarting the app will let you get back to the action, assuming #1 and #2 aren’t your issues.


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