Microphone and Audio Issues

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No one can hear me in the app.

  1. Check that your microphone is plugged in and connected to your computer.

  2. While in an Agora event, open the menu (“Tab”) then click “Settings”. Check that “Microphone” is set to the correct microphone (you can click the selected mic to see all options).

  3. If the mic is correctly set, try restarting the Agora app.

  4. If it’s only some people who can’t hear you, check that they haven't accidentally muted you.

  5. If on Mac, make sure you clicked Allow for microphone permissions the first time you enter an event. If you didn’t, or the popup didn’t show up and isn’t showing up when you join experiences, you must grant this permission retroactively. Learn how to do this for Mac at this link.

  6. If none of these solutions work, it’s possible your mic is unsupported by our App software. Try using a different mic and see if the problem persists.


I can’t hear anything in the app.


  1. Make sure your headphones are plugged in.

  2. In your system settings, make sure the correct audio device is chosen as Output device.

  3. Unplug your headphones and plug them back in.

  4. Open the menu (“Tab”) and press “Settings”. On the first screen, check that the audio sound levels are all the way to the right.

  5. If you still can’t hear audio, try restarting the app.

  6. Try restarting your computer.

  7. If audio works in other programs but not in ours after trying these steps, please submit a support ticket (upper right of our FAQ pages).


I can’t hear voice chat in app.

If other in-app audio like the music is working fine, but voices are not audible:


  1. Make sure the issue is with your voice chat audio and not the other user(s) microphones if you have not already.
  2. Ensure that the user(s) you want to hear are not muted.
  3. Go to Tab -> Settings and ensure that the "Voice Chat" slider is not turned down all the way. If so, move this slider to the right to increase the volume of voice chat.
  4. If these troubleshooting problems don't help, navigate to the second tab on the Settings page and change “Network Quality” from “Good” to “Poor”
  5. If the issue persists, you could try having the other user do step 4.
  6. Try restarting the app.


I’m hearing echo / feedback in the app when talking to other people.


Echo in the app occurs if the person you are talking to is not using headphones (i.e. they are playing sound out loud on speakers). When two people without headphones are within 20 meters of each other, this echo will form an infinite feedback loop, resulting in a terrible screeching noise. Generally, this disruption is filtered out by our Echo Cancelation software. However, in cases where it isn't, this echo/feedback can be prevented in the following ways:


1) Advise the user emitting echo/feedback to use headphones

2) Walk away from the user emitting the echo / feedback

3) Mute the user emitting echo / feedback (left click on their avatar and click “Mute” on the far left of their profile).


People’s voices are choppy in the app.


  1. While in an experience in the app, open the menu (“Tab”) and press Settings, then click on the second tab. Change “Network Quality” from “Good” to “Poor".
  2. Check your network quality (speedtest.net is a good way to check). If your network bandwidth is very low (under 8mbps) you may have issues like this and more.
  3. If you are using Bluetooth headphones, this is a common issue.
  4. Restart the app.
  5. Try a different pair of headphones.


All audio is choppy in the app.

Note: If only voice chat is choppy, see the solution above.


  1. Try different headphones.
  2. Try closing other programs on your computer. Agora takes a decent amount of processing so if too many other programs are open (such as Chrome with a ton of tabs) you may experience issues.
  3. Try restarting your computer.

Note: This is a common issue with Bluetooth headphones. We’re currently not sure what causes it, but some have this issue and some don’t. If you’re using Bluetooth headphones and having this issue you may need to switch to different headphones.


There is a constant background noise coming from someone’s mic.

Sometimes background noise is picked up by your mic. This can be annoying for other users to listen to, so we have a setting to minimize this. Follow / communicate the following instructions to the person with background noise:


1) Open your menu when in an experience (“Tab” button), then click “Settings”, go to the second tab (Sound Quality), then “Mic Calibration”.

2) Follow the instructions on that page to calibrate your mic (i.e. remaining silent for a couple seconds when clicking the Calibrate button).

3) Now your mic should only turn on when you speak. People will hear the background noise while you are speaking, but it won’t be a constant distraction while they are speaking.

4) If people can’t hear you when you speak now, you may need to try calibrating again (irregular loud noise occurring during calibration can set the mic-turn-on threshold too high).


Other Solution:

You could also try to pinpoint the source of the background noise and eliminate it. For example, a common issue is a fan blowing in your room.


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