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The Agora Launcher instantly closes when I open it.


  1. Make sure you've used the mac installer ".pkg" file to install Agora

  2. If you've moved the Agora Launcher files from the location they were installed, move them back

Other Potential Solutions:

  1. If you are using a Mac with an M1 chip, make sure Rosetta is working.

  2. The launcher is supposed to auto-close when updating is finished, and launch the app automatically at that time.

The Agora Launcher says “Updating Process Failed”.


1) Double check that your internet is connected and working.

2) Try re-installing the Agora Launcher via your provided download link.

(This guarantees that your launcher is the most updated version. Make sure to close the Agora app before re-launching the launcher).

3) In rare cases, you may need to move the "Agora" file to your Documents folder or Desktop. You can find it under MacintoshHD->Users->Shared. Note: MacintoshHD may instead be named whatever you named your harddrive. Simply drag and drop Agora to Documents folder or Desktop and launch it from there.

4) If for some reason you don't have a Shared folder, you may need to enable File Sharing on MacOS (first half of tutorial linked here). Enabling file sharing should auto generate the Shared folder at MacintoshHD->Users but if it doesn't you can manually make the folder via the second half of this tutorial:

5) Submit a support ticket (upper right of our help FAQ).


The Agora Launcher gets stuck at 100% downloaded.


  1. Don’t close the Agora Launcher. The 100% means all the files have been downloaded to your computer, but it then can take a few minutes to change the files on your computer to the newest version ones. If you wait, the update process should finish and the Agora app will launch automatically.

Other Potential Solutions:

  1. If you’ve waited 10 minutes and the Agora Launcher is still stuck at 100%, try re-installing Agora (make sure your launcher ".pkg" is the most up-to-date version from our website via the download link your event organizer gave you).

  2. If that still doesn't work, open a Finder window and navigate to Macintosh HD (or whatever your computer root name is), then Users -> Shared. 

    Delete the Game and Logs folders, then try re-launching the Agora Launcher from that Shared folder. It should restart the download and eventually finish.

  3. Then try launching the Agora Launcher again. This will restart the download, which should hopefully fix whatever got corrupted the first try.

Apple says not to trust this program.

Agora World, Inc. is a registered Apple developer. If you are receiving this notification, you are probably using an old version of the Agora Launcher.

Please follow the directions on the Download and Install Help Center article for a successful installation.


Other Problems

If using a work computer or on a network managed by company IT, getting Agora to work can be tricky. If you’re using an IT managed work computer or on an IT network, at this time we recommend using a personal computer on a non-IT-managed network if that option is possible. 


If it isn’t possible, theoretically your IT department needs to white-label our app as trustworthy to get it to work. Here is more technical information to provide your IT department if attempting white-listing:


The Agora Launcher when launched (has to be located in Downloads, Documents, or Desktop) creates 2 folders in the same directory named “Game” and “Logs”. The Launcher then checks our remote Amazon S3 bucket for the most updated files and downloads them into those folders. On subsequent launches, patches are applied in the same manner. 


When the download is finished, the file located in the “Game” folder will be launched automatically. The Agora app will check if the Agora Launcher needs any updates and download+apply them to the Agora Launcher if necessary. Then the Agora app will show a login screen. Once a user logs in (which communicates with our web server API, hosted on Azure), then you’ll be prompted to either create or join an event. 


When you join an event, any image and JSON files needed for that event will be downloaded into Library/Application Support/Agora folders. Then you will join into a realtime-networked instance using the Photon multiplayer service, which transmits UDP updates many times a second to the Photon servers, then on to other users in your instance, and their data transmits to you in the same manner.


Agora requires an internet connection and ~750MB of space, so make sure your internet is connected and working and you have at least 4GB of space on your computer.



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