How To Build On Agora World - Long Version

The Agora platform enables all users to build their own immersive experiences from pre-designed templates. Creators can develop their own social experience, art gallery, expo hall, fair, educational space, conference, and more with the currently-available themes.

You can access the Builder tool by clicking Create on the main menu.



Building an experience consists of three short steps:

  1. Selecting a world template
  2. Adding a name, description, and room code for your world
  3. Customizing the world with your images, videos and links.


Selecting a World

When you click into the Experience Builder tool, you will first see a row of Agora-created world templates. Click the left and right arrows to navigate through all of the available world templates:


After you click on a world, a page will pop up with more information about the template.


Media Slots are placeholders for images or videos within the space. You do not have to use all of the slots in a space, or even most of them. Slots that go unused do not show up in the space.

Booth Slots are links to additional rooms that are offshoots from the main world. This is commonly used for fairs and expos - for example, at a Job Fair each company gets its own secondary booth room. Currently, only one Agora template contains booths (the Agora Expo world) and it is only recommended for experiences which require people to be talking in small groups in visually distinct locations. Common examples include Job Fairs, Career Fairs, Demo Days, rotational job interviews, or poster sessions.


When you have found the ideal world template for your needs, click on the world and press Select to make it official. Don't worry - you can always change to a different template later!


My Worlds

If you would like to upload your own space - for example, a 3D scan of your company HQ or a 3D scan of an apartment - or would like us to create a custom space for you, contact me at

These uploaded spaces will then show up in the "My Worlds" section of the Builder tool.


Room Code, Title, Description and more

The next page asks for more information about your world.


Event Code: Visitors will enter your room code whenever they join your experience. It is best for the room code to mean something to your experience - for example, your brand name or event title.

Currently, you must have an Agora subscription in order to customize your room code.

Name: Create a title for your experience that is meaningful, memorable, and related to what you built and why you built it.

Description: Add a description telling visitors what your space is for. Make sure it sounds enticing!

Tags: Add comma-separated tags with phrases describing your space to help users discover it.

Instancing: Instancing allows multiple rooms of your world to be open at once to avoid overcrowding if the first room fills up. If you don't expect your experience to reach over 40 concurrent users, leave the Instancing feature set to "Off". Furthermore, if your subscription does not allow for more than 40 simultaneous attendees this feature is automatically set to "Off" for your experiences. Otherwise, turn instancing on.


Customizing your world

In the final step, you may add images and videos with links and descriptions to your space.


On the left side of the screen, you will see a map of your selected world, along with numbered boxes. Each of those boxes represent a media slot in the world, and coincide with a row in the scrolling bar on the right side of the page.

For instance, the square with the number 0 coincides with the media slot Title 0; the square 1 represents the media added to Title 1; and so on.


Add media

First, determine which slot you would like to add media to. For example, if you want to add your company's logo to the front entrance of the template displayed above, then you would want to add to slots 46-49. Once you have determined which slots you would like to add media to, scroll down to those slots on the right side. Click into any of these slots to edit their contents.


Add an image

To add an image to the slot, make sure that the Media Type is set to "Image". Then, click the Add Image button and upload a .PNG or .JPG file to the image slot. Note: The image will be appropriately sized within the space. It is only being condensed within the editor page.


Add a video

To add a video to the slot, first make sure that the Media Type is set to "Video". Next, choose an image to represent your video when it is at a standstill. Finally, enter the YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, or other video link to the Link URL field.

Note: Agora currently does not support uploading native video directly - for example, an .MP4 or .MOV file. If you would like to add a local video to your space, or would like to patch a Zoom video into your space, contact me at


For each slot, you may also add a Title, Description, and Link URL. The title and description will appear on the sidebar when looking at the media slot within your world. If users click on images within the world, it will take users to the link URL.


Viewing your world

To look at what you have created thus far, you must Create and Publish your space. (Don't worry, this won't make it immediately visible to users.)

Once you do so, you can see what you created by either clicking the Join button on the pop-up after publishing, or go to My Events from the main menu and click Join next to the recently-created world.

Need help navigating the experience? Here are the controls for Agora.


Sharing your world

When you Publish a world, you will receive an email with a link to your event page. This page contains details about your space and how to access it. Visit here to see an example. 

In case you can't find the email, the URL for your unique experience follows the below format:

You are also encouraged to share other information about how to use Agora with visitors:

You also may simply share the room code with visitors. Keep the download link handy if your visitors do not have the app, though.


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