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Agora is a social platform which enables you to talk to other users via voice chat within an experience. Users may hold conversations with other visitors as they move around the space, enabling people from across the world to develop meaningful connections with each other.


Spatial Audio

Agora uses spatial audio to enable many conversations to occur within a space at once. When you are within close proximity to other users, they will be able to hear you loudly. When you are further away or turned away from other users, your voice will become more quiet.


This allows you to talk to other users without disrupting other nearby conversations, and vice versa.




Microphone Access

When you join an experience for the first time, the Agora app will prompt you to access your microphone:



If you choose to decline this option, you will not be able to speak to other users, although you will still be able to hear them.

To grant this permission retroactively on Mac:

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Open "Security and Privacy"
  • Select "Microphone"
  • Unlock your settings and enable microphone access for Agora.

Microphone Settings and Controls

Click Tab to access the in-experience menu, choose Settings, then select the Screen_Shot_2022-01-31_at_10.56.27_AM.png icon to manage your microphone settings. From this screen, you may:

  • Toggle between available microphones
  • Calibrate your mic
  • Increase or decrease your network quality
  • View your network analytics to see performance.


You have tools at your disposal to ensure that socializing within Agora is a positive experience.

  • Mute yourself by clicking Tab then clicking the microphone icon at the top of the Menu if it says "Unmuted"
  • Mute other people by clicking Tab, then Social, and clicking the microphone icon next to the name of the person you would like to mute. You also can mute someone who is nearby you by clicking on their avatar to navigate to their profile card, and muting them on that page.
  • Report an Agora user for inappropriate behavior through our support channels and we will have them promptly removed from the platform.


Other forms of interaction

You also may text chat with other users by clicking the C key while in an experience. You can also reach this by clicking Tab to go to the menu -> Chat.


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