Download and Install

Follow the instructions below to download and install Agora.

Download Agora for Windows

  1. Download the Agora app from our download page (choose Windows option).
  2. Double click the file that is downloaded (ex. Agora_Installer_V2.2.1.exe)
  3. Follow the installation steps in the window that pops up.
  4. After installation, the Agora Launcher should open. This will download the most up-to-date app files, and when finished launch the Agora app. You need approximately 750MB of space.
  5. After the Agora Launcher finishes and automatically starts the Agora app, log in or register an account, then join an event or create an event.
  6. In future when you launch Agora, it will download and update any new changes to the app, then launch the app.

Download Agora for Mac

  1. Download the Agora app from our download page (choose Mac option).
  2. Double click AgoraInstaller_VX..X.X.pkg (the file that is downloaded)
  3. Follow the instructions of the installer.
  4. The installer should automatically start the Agora Launcher when you finish the install process. The Agora Launcher will download the most updated version of our app (approx 500MB). Once the download finishes, it should automatically launch the app itself.
  5. Click the window that appears when the download finishes, and you should quickly see a login page.
  6. Create an account or log in, and use the app as youโ€™re intending.

Sign Up and Sign In

You must have an account on Agora World before you can join or create experiences.

  1. Download the Agora application for your Mac or Windows computer, if you haven't already. Open the app once it is finished downloading.
  2. If you already have an account, enter your email address and password, then press Sign In.
  3. If you do not already have an account, click Sign Up at the bottom of the app's home page.
  4. Enter the required information and select Join Now to sign up.


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