Basic Settings

Settings Page

Press Tab to reach the In-Experience Menu, then click Settings to adjust these options.

Adjust sound settings: Adjust the slider bars on the first screen to change the volume of Music, Sound Effects, and Voice Chat in the experience. Move any slider left to reduce volume, and move the slider right to increase volume.

    • The Music slider controls the volume of the background music in Agora experiences.
    • The Sound FX slider controls the volume of interactive components like videos.
    • The Voice Chat slider controls the volume of other people's voice chats.

Adjust microphone settings: Go to the second Settings page by clicking this symbol: Screen_Shot_2022-04-26_at_9.13.17_AM.png

  • Microphone: Change where your sound is coming from.
  • Mic Calibration: Calibrate your Microphone if your voice is choppy.
  • Network Quality: Decrease your network quality to continue using Agora despite bad Internet.
  • Network Analytics: View analytics about your computer's performance.

Full-screen mode: Go to the third settings page with this symbol: Screen_Shot_2022-04-26_at_9.19.21_AM.png

  • Turn full-screen mode on or off.

Rotation speed: Go to the fourth settings page with this symbol: Screen_Shot_2022-04-26_at_9.20.40_AM.png

  • Increase or decrease in-experience rotation speed.


Exit Experiences

Leave Room: Select Leave Room to go back to the main menu of the Agora app.

Quit App: Select Quit App to close the app entirely.


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