Creating your First World


  1. To create your first World Base
  2. Updating a World
  3. Advanced Setup
  4. Report Issues


A "World Base" in Agora World is essentially a Unity scene that can serve as the basis of an Agora World experience. Some people may use a World Base as a starting point, adding additional customization via our Sandbox in-app, while others may package their entire experience as a World Base. World Bases also contain AgoraWorldSDK prefabs that hook into our slot-based media and booth systems, as well as do things let set default spawn points.

On the technical end, a World Base gets packaged as a single assetbundle, and you can only have one World Base selected per Agora World experience. When users join an experience, our core foundation code loads as one scene, then the selected World Base gets loaded on top, and finally the Sandbox loads objects on top of that.


1. To create your first World Base:

  1. Open Unity Project

    1. Open your Unity Project with the Agora World SDK imported. If you haven't done this yet, follow the instructions in our Getting Started guide for New Unity Projects or Existing Projects.
  2. Create a new Unity scene (or open one you want to publish as a world)

    1. If you don't have a scene created, Right-Click in your Project window inside the Unity Editor, and select Create->Scene. Name the scene something appropriate.
    2. Once ready to publish the scene, move on to the next step.
  3. Make sure there are not any Camera components in your Scene 

    1. Delete cameras from Hierarchy with Right-Click->Delete.
    2. Leaving them will mess with our in-app camera rig (unless you know what you're doing with enabling/disabling them for custom functionality).
  4. Drag and drop the _AgoraWorldSDKQuickStart prefab into your scene

    1. This prefab is located at Assets/AgoraWorldSDK/WorldSDK/Prefabs.
    2. Position it wherever you want users to spawn when they join the world.
  5. Open the WorldSDK window and Sign In

    1. This can be found via the top menu bar of the Unity Editor (Agora World->WorldSDK)
    2. Sign in if you haven't already (and if you still need an account you must make one in the Agora World app:
    3. Agora_World_UnitySDK__Alpha_.png
  6. Click "Create New World"

    1. Give your world a Name and then proceed to Drag and drop your Scene file from the Project window into the World Scene slot of the WorldSDK window.
      1. Agora_World_UnitySDK__Alpha_.png
    2. Fill in the metadata fields
      1. Types of metadata: Name, description, tags, occupancy, feature image (recommended under 1mb)
        1. We'll ignore the custom map fields for now (see the advanced guide for that info).
    3. Agora_World_UnitySDK__Alpha_.png
  7. Check World Size (optional)

    1. If you're unsure how large your world base is, or are optimizing, you can use the "Check World Asset Bundle Size" button to do a local build that tests the file size (saving you some time and not deploying an update). The file size will be shown in the Console when the build is complete.
  8. Click "Publish World"

    1. Agora_World_UnitySDK__Alpha_.png
      1. There are a few reasons this may occur:
        1. Do you have both Windows and Mac build targets installed in Unity?
          1. Go to File->Build Settings and click the Target Platform dropdown to see if Windows and Mac are there.
          2. If not, open Unity Hubs, click the "Installs" tab, click the 3 dots in top right corner of the Unity version used by our Agora World SDK, and Add Modules. Then, select the missing platform module and add it. Once it's done you should relaunch Unity, and may need to close your Unity project when it installs
        2. Make sure the scene you have open doesn't have any broken custom scripts that you added
          1. There are a few errors from our SDK objects that are expected if the build doesn't complete
        3. Check your Console window, and after reading the errors hit Clear
          1. If the error messages stay, it means you have one or more compile errors and must resolve them before building your plugin.
      2. Agora_World_UnitySDK__Alpha_.png
      3. Agora_World_UnitySDK__Alpha_.png
        1. Agora_World_UnitySDK__Alpha_.png
  9. Test your world in the Agora World app! 

    1. Sign into Agora World's app using the same account you used to upload your world to Agora World's UnitySDK.
    2. Click "Create" (or My Experiences then edit an experience of your choice)
    3. If you click "Create", select "Blank Template". If you are editing "My Experiences", ignore this step.
    4. On the main Experience Page, click "World Base"
      1. Your world should appear in the My Worlds section (scroll until you see it).
      2. Choose the world base, click Select, and go Back to the main Edit page
      3. At this time, you can edit the metadata of the experience (if you wish) OR if you're ready to see it in action, click "Publish" and Join the experience!

2. Updating a World

  1. Update the world in Unity.

  2. Open Agora World SDK Window and Sign In

    1. Once the Unity Scene is updated and saved, open the Agora World->WorldSDK window and sign in. Once signed in,

  3. Update World on Agora World

    1. Click the "Update World" button, and choose "Edit" on the world you want to update.
  4. Make Metadata Changes

    1. Make the metadata changes desired and re-assign the World Scene to your recently-updated world's desired Scene

      1. Agora_World_UnitySDK__Alpha_.png

  5. Click "Update World"

    1. And BOOM! It will update your world. 

    2. Coming soon, our team will be making this even easier by enabling you to edit the Unity Scene within the Agora World application and sync all changes, meaning you won't have to go back into Unity and reupload new updates again!

Advanced Setup

Our WorldSDK has a few extra features you can use to further customize your world (and make it easier to customize in future). However, just note we may deprecate or provide ways to override this functionality in the future.

  1. FallOffMapProtection

    1. This prefab can be placed to respawn players who touch it at the default spawn position. We currently have one in our core scene, but may remove it in future since some users may choose to build below its current position or have worlds larger than it covers.

  2. Setting multiple custom spawn points

    1. We recommend setting a fewSpawnPositionManager controls where users can spawn when they enter the world. It's part of the AgoraWorldSDKQuickstart prefab, so make sure you only have one in your world scene. On the SpawnPositionManager script, you can add multiple GameObjects to the StartSpawnPositions list. We recommend setting multiple spawn positions so that users who join the world near the same time aren't spawned on top of each other.

      1. We also just released a "Spawn Position" plugin in the Agora World App that enables creators to override and change the spawn position of any given world without having to use Unity to do so.
  3. Map Image Generator

    1. We are not currently maintaining this feature, but it can be used to create overhead image maps of the world and your slots. If you want to use it to generate map images, check out the "CustomArt and CustomBooth Map Image Generation" section of our legacy documentation here.

Report Issues

Please report other issues at



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