Agora World UnitySDK (Alpha)


Agora World UnitySDK (Alpha)

Introducing the Agora World Unity SDK! Here, you'll discover everything needed to create captivating and interactive 3D environments, assets, custom code, and integrations on Agora World


The Agora World UnitySDK is powered by Unity and offers a vast array of tools and capabilities to design mesmerizing 3D experiences that can be shared with others. Whether you're a business looking to create immersive training simulations or conduct market research, a developer seeking to empower other creators and monetize templates or 3D components, or a storyteller looking to craft interactive narratives and virtual worlds, The Agora World UnitySDK has everything you'll ever need to actualize your imagination. Ready? Let's go!


Getting Started

🆕 Setting up with a New Unity Project

🎒Setting up with an Existing Unity Project

Converting AltspaceVR World to Agora World



Creating First Plugin

🌎 Creating First World


Best Practices

Publishing to Agora World

Supported Features and Constraints

Performance Guidelines

Supported Scene Components



Custom Code

All Elements



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Frequently Asked Questions



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Unity Tutorials


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