Step 2: Set Up Your Experience

Now it's time to build your experience! Go to the Agora World application (download from HERE), make sure you're fully signed in, and click the "Create" button on the home page.


Now, you'll find yourself able to Choose a Template, or Start from Scratch (Blank Canvas)! Templates are a generic space already formatted/designed - essentially a combination between a "World Base" and a "Sandbox". What you'll find are some official templates our team has added directly for you to begin from BUT you can also discover and add other templates on the Agora Marketplace. To add a template from the marketplace, click the "+" button next to "My Templates" and paste the sharecode found in the marketplace! Soon, this marketplace will enable you to click to add and it will automatically open in your account, no copy-paste necessary.


Once you've selected a template (or to start from Scratch aka Blank Canvas), it's time to add some information about the experience you're building.


  • Experience Code: this is a randomly-generated room code that enables your users to access the space. View this as your "url", like a zoom room works. This code can be customized by our Pro Users (starting at $9.99/month). If that is imperative for your experience and you want to subscribe now, click "Save Draft" and then the Subscriptions button on the home page.
  • Name: Name your experience!!
  • Tags: We will be releasing a "Discover" feature soon that will enable your experience to be discovered via other identifying factors. Add any type of tag you wish to make it easier to find your experience. This could be the type of experience, the aura, your brand name, type of product or industry, etc.
  • Description: Tell people about your experience. What should they expect? What should they know about you?
  • Instancing: Instancing is a fancy word for making your world support larger groups of people at once. This feature is available for our Pro Creators and will enable your experiences to support up to 100 people per instance (per server) and up to 2 instances (200 people capacity total). If you want to support large group gatherings in your experience and you want to subscribe now, click "Save Draft" and then the Subscriptions button on the home page. For more capacity than 200 people at once, please reach out to us directly!
  • Custom Slots: These are hardwired slots built into a given Template. If it says "0/0", there are no slots so ignore this. If it says "0/___", this can make it easier to add custom media and 2D content directly to the experience from an overhead view. I personally love "Edit in World" which we'll get to in Step 3.
  • World Base: This is the "base" foundation used for any given experience and template. If you selected a template, it typically comes with a World Base already attached that the given template was built around. You can also discover and add other World Bases on the Agora Marketplace. To add a new "World Base" to your account and this experience, click "World Base", and then proceed to click the "+" button found next to "My Worlds". Paste the sharecode found on the marketplace. Coming Soon, you will be able to upload and find any custom "World Base" that you have uploaded through our Unity SDK.
    • Screen_Shot_2022-11-03_at_12.18.19_PM.png
  • Sandbox: A sandbox is all of the custom content, media, and plugins that are added to the template via our "Edit in World" feature. If you selected an already made Template, most come with a "Sandbox" already attached. 
  • Plugins: Plugins are assets and/or integrations that are used while you "Edit in World" to create a Template or Experience. Plugins are currently uploaded directly via Unity BUT you can add your very own 3D assets (plugins) in "Edit In World". You can also discover and add other plugins on the Agora Marketplace. Feel free to add these now or while you're "Editing in World". To add them now, click "Plugins", click "+ from sharecode" and paste in the sharecode. Alternatively, you can find plugins you've already used in "My Plugins" or plugins our team has created in "Official Plugins". I highly recommend adding the Official Plugin "Agora World Core" (to add 2D and 3D media) as well as "Primitives1" (package filled with a variety of blocks great for making floors, walls, and more). Coming soon, your 2D and 3D Library will be combined with the Plugin marketplace for a one-stop-shop of all of the plugins you'd ever want or need to use while creating an experience.
  • Share: This is the easiest way to share your world with others. This "experience page" functions like a Tell-All about your experience as well as a "Join" page like Zoom has when you click to join a Zoom call. When someone clicks "Join" on your experience page, it will prompt them to join your experience directly and open the app for them (just like a Zoom call works) and for those that don't yet have Agora downloaded, it will prompt them to download the app. If you click on the "Share" button before you Publish your experience, you will see the page does not exist. This is to ensure your Drafts and new updates not ready to launch remain hidden!!!

Now it's time to Edit In World!!! Click the "Edit In World" button on the bottom of the screen next to Publish to get started!


NEXT: Go to Step 3: Build and Customize Your World


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