Step 2: Ask Yourself HOW

Now that you know WHY you're looking to create this experience, HOW are you going to do it? Your 'How' factors might include certain strengths or values you feel differentiate the experience from other solutions or substitutes already out there. Make a bullet list of HOW this solution will be different and, therefore, provide more value to the end user, whether that be your team, customers, community, friends, family and more! Here are some guiding questions I ask myself while going through this step:

  1. How will your experience be different than what's already out there?
  2. How will your experience provide more value to your end customers/consumers than what's already out there? 
  3. How does your experience influence that outcome you came up with in Step 1?
  4. How do you make them say “WOW”? The "wow" factor is vital for ongoing or repeat engagement. We've found many of the immersive experiences built on Agora World have an average session time of over 1hr! (For "wow" factors, we look at inspirations of ours like Disney and Universal, who have never failed in bringing people into their stories & worlds)

Take a look at what I put down for this exercise while designing an experience (see the image typed out below):



  • Do we influence that outcome?
    • by designing it to look and feel like the outdoors, nature, green
    • Offering amenities that influence happiness, open mindset, good energy, focus
    • Happy and peace filled environment
    • Plenty of space to be on your own to think or meet, socialize, collaborate with others
  • Wow Factor 
    • “ I don’t feel like I’m sitting inside at my computer right now”
    • Ways to blow off steam and take a break
      • meditate, yoga are growing; nature walk/hike

Next: Step 3: WHAT do you want to build?


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