Step 3: WHAT do you want to build?

The WHAT is pretty self explanatory in that if I asked you "what are you building?", you could tell me all of the different features and widgets you plan to have. This step is where you write down the ideas you have for WHAT this experience will ultimately be.

  1. What kind of experience is it? (I.e is it Educational? Commerce driven? a Gallery? Networking space? Video Game? .....)
  2. If you closed your eyes and imagined yourself, first person, walking through the space, WHAT:
    1. does it look like? What is in the environment? What does it FEEL like (the aura)?
    2. Is there any sound? Or noise? Music?
    3. What is the WOW factor? What makes your experience pop? What makes it memorable? What makes it enjoyable? Engaging?
    4. What custom content do you want/need in the space? (this is specifically noted because the same as when you create a presentation, it takes some time to actually gather the images, videos, or text you want to include. I definitely recommend making a short list so when the time comes you need to go gather that content, you already have an idea of what you're looking for. Plus, when we get to Step 4, your design will be influenced based on the type of content you're looking to include, making this vital)

In this case, the list of WHATs can go on forever. Take note of your ideas, go back through the list and prioritize them based on what drives the most value to your end users and leads to your desired outcome.


Take a look at what I put down for this exercise while designing an experience (see the image typed out below):



  • open green space, trees, blue sky, sunny (sun beats down on you)
  • Hiking trail type walkways -> FEEL like Iā€™m outside
  • Collaboration spaces -> meetings, whiteboards, tables, outlets,
  • Coffee, tea, smoothie shop -> tables inside
  • Meditation/yoga space to relax, unwind,
  • Should feel safe -> lockers to store your stuff, open minded people/avatars
  • Desk to check in

NEXT: Step 4: Sketch!


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